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Message from the Forum’s President

The impact of genomics on the economy begins to be significant on the finances of industrialized countries. Recently, it was revealed that the investment made by the U.S. government in the Human Genome Project since 1988 has led to a return on investment close to $ 140 for every dollar. Moreover, according to the recent report by United for Medical Research (UMR) and the Battelle Institute, the U.S. economy has generated nearly a trillion dollars from this investment.

The cost of genome sequencing technology has been reduced a million times and the number of species whose genome has been sequenced exceeds 5,000. The Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) has defined genomics as one of the pillars of the bio-economy over the next two decades. Moreover, the OECD has identified six areas where genomics will have the greatest impact: human health, animal health, agriculture and food, biotech, environmental and forensic, justice and security.

This International Forum is a joint effort between Global Biotech Consulting Group, Genomica y Bioeconomia, and the Human Genome Organization (HUGO). HUGO’s role in the development of genomics worldwide goes into the heart of the international policy debate, including that about enabling more rapid delivery of the benefits of genomics. In recent years, HUGO established a Committee on Genomics and Bioeconomy to explore and promote genomics innovation in the context of the bio-based economy.

Today, these three organizations along with several other institutions present this International Forum seeking for new ideas, interactions and initiatives that can contribute to integrate the power of genomics into economic intensive sectors.

We hope that all participants in this Forum find valuable experiences in our scientific program, strategic networking and social activities in vibrant and cosmopolitan Mexico City.




Gerardo Jiménez-Sánchez, MD, PhD
President & CEO, GBC Group
Harvard School of Public Health
Human Genome Organization
Genómica y Bioeconomía


Genomics impact on
the US Economy

President Barack Obama
Speech on the State of the Union
February 12, 2013

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