The genomic revolution generated a significant amount of information when the genome sequence of nearly 5,000 species was revealed (DNA, deoxyribonucleic acid). Its applications started having an impact in the most relevant industrial sectors of the global economy.


Fisheries and aquaculture are very important economic activities for Mexico, thus, innovation in fishing and aquaculture have the potential to contribute to its economic development.


Mexico has institutional, human and physical resources in genomics, fisheries and aquaculture. Therefore, we can foresee that the development of links addressing innovation in fishing and aquaculture may find a favorable environment and contribute to Mexico’s full integration into the economy of knowledge.


Global Biotech Consulting Group (GBC Group) and the National Fisheries Institute have developed the Genomics, Fishing and Aquaculture Network in order to encourage innovation in the fishing industry. Therefore, this tool will allow for the generation of strategic links between different sectors in order to promote the flow of scientific and technological information for the development of high economic value projects in Mexico.